Wednesday, November 20, 2013

46:52 Be Still

It was on our hike out of the Grand Canyon - when I realized how quickly our hiking boots were eating up the miles - that I felt the sudden urge to just stop.  
To stop and soak up the beauty of the place. 
To be still and listen to the wind and the birds.
To pause and let the stillness of the place seep into my being. 
To be still and absorb it all and imprint it into my memory for later recollections.

46:52 Be Still

And now our weekend hike is behind me.  It feels far behind me though in reality it was just weeks ago.
And I want to be back there, soaking it all up.

Instead, I will 'be still' here.
And appreciate this moment I have in this place, my home, with these people, my family.

Be still and find the beauty that is in today.

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