Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It must be the eyes

I recently purchased a new camera, and even more recently a new lens, and even more recently... the newest version of Photoshop Elements.

I can now take images with a pretty good portrait lens, the 50mm.
I can now open and edit images in RAW format (a file that is minimally processed).
I am floored by the results.
And I am addicted.

I love the photos I took this past weekend (at least the ones I took before it got too dark), but I forgot to shoot in RAW. It worked out fine though, because I was able to open them in RAW (way cool feature!) and adjust the exposure, lightening them up a bit.

Since I'm driven by results, I love me some photoshop!

I'm no professional.  I'm having fun learning though, and my pictures are good enough for me.
These photos...they are priceless.

This girl of mine...
she literally takes my breath away.  
She's gentle and sweet with just enough spice, and I can see it here.
I love, love, love the photo.  

This boy of mine...
he wins me with that smile, with those big blue eyes.
He's thoughtful, dynamic, and bright.
I love, love, love him.

I am so thankful I have a camera and the ability to take photos for hanging in our home.
I am in awe of my five beautiful children and seeing their faces every day on our walls fills me to the brim.

Thanks for letting me share a couple pairs of smiling eyes with you.
I love, love, love them.

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