Friday, December 7, 2012

Four Books

I think I recently said that I hardly ever sit down with a good book anymore.
Well that didn't sit well with me.
I need to take the time to do the things I enjoy.
Its how I maintain my sanity.  Its how I manage to continue on, and to do so happily.

Sometimes taking the time to do something I enjoy means shopping for fabric and pulling out my sewing machine.
Sometimes it means finding a quiet place to sit and write.
Sometimes it means palming some sandpaper, then a paintbrush to breathe life into some piece of furniture.
Occasionally it means I make a mess in my kitchen baking sweet treats.
And rarely, it means I come home from the library with a stack of books.

This week I read four books in four days.

Somehow I still managed to bring every child in for a teeth cleaning, run the Sunday School Christmas program practice, babysit for a friend, bake some bars, fold some laundry, and make dinner every single night (and that's saying something! Dinner is not my strong point).

It's kind of a wonderful feeling.

My house is crying for my attention now though (goodbye books. For now).
Especially as I am hosting a cookie exchange this evening.  Fun times ahead!

Enjoy your day and your weekend! Treat yourself by filling it with something you love!


  1. but what were the books and were they good?!

    1. They were easy reads and nothing spectacular. Two romantic suspense by Irene Hannon and two other fiction by Karen Kingsbury.