Tuesday, April 3, 2012


For a few days now, my mind has been building a writing a couple blog posts. Finding the time to edit photos and sit down and write, however, has not been my priority. Right now, my baby is sitting on the counter beside me as I write this. She needs a nap.  Then I need to switch out the laundry. I was hoping to organize some closets today and pack away too small clothes.  I want to finish painting a chair. A menu needs to be made, groceries need to be bought.

It strikes me as funny how some days my to-do list is miles long (like today), and other days (like yesterday) I allow myself to be lazy, accomplishing nothing but not feeling particularly good about myself or the day either.

I'm working on achieving the right balance between what I consider work and what I consider play.  On making the time to do the things I enjoy, like blogging and diy projects, while keeping the clockwork of our home running at the same time.

This computer and internet throw monkey wrenches into my plan.  Facebook, Pinterest, and numerous blogs are a lot of fun, but so easy to waste time at. However, this morning, in between tasks, I struck gold.  Do you ever read something that just grabs you? That makes you think? That inspires you?

I guess I am just letting you know that my blog posts about our fun weekend are still coming.  The posts about the furniture projects I'm in the middle of are still coming.  Coming eventually. Coming as I work to balance the work and the play. So until then...have a good day!
Right now, I'm off to be a mom and homemaker.

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  1. I haven't read Tara Whitney's blog in a long time. I just read the link from your post and must say that inspiring is definately an understatement.

    Looking forward to seeing your projects!