Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An old camera, a new quilt

As my camera is sitting in my sister's house, 474 miles away, I decided to pull out my old point and shoot camera this morning so I could share my latest project.
My old camera is now my son's camera. It has been his for a year and a half, and the camera is over six years old the best I can figure. The thing just won't die!!  Its a Canon.  That is why I own another Canon camera.  There are times I wished the stupid thing would just break so I would have an excuse to buy a new camera, but otherwise I cannot find a fault with my Canon cameras.

Kids take pictures of the funniest things.
Note the blurry center of the photo.
Kids do not know how to keep their fingers off the lens.

Anyhow, back to my project. I make a quilt for each of my children. It is a crib blanket that becomes a lap quilt. Each child's quilt is folded up at the foot of their bed. We take them in the car for night time road trips. The kids build forts with them. They carry them into my bedroom in the middle of the night to pull over themselves on the floor by my bed.

I started Connor's quilt when I was pregnant with him.  I believe I finished it right around the time he turned one.  That has been my pattern.  Start the quilt once I know what the sex of my baby will be, and finish it around their first birthday.  After all, its too big for them to use before that anyway, right?
Well, I finally finished Donovan's quilt.  He is only about 20 months old, but I cut me some slack - I didn't start working on his until after he was born!

The silly thing is that it has been sitting on my sewing desk for six months just about complete.  It took me only one hour to finish it. I never got around to it because, well, I just didn't really like it.  The problem with starting a quilt and finishing it one year later is that your style may change.  

Donovan's quilt is perfect.  It is made up of exact triangles all formed into a windmill, each one identical to the others. I spent a lot of time cutting and ironing these exact little triangles.
While I was eager to try this block a year and a half ago, I now lean more towards scrap quilts.
I love this one that I made for my mother.

Anyhow, I am happy that I finally finished Donovan's quilt. The blocks are pretty amazing, and I hope he treasures the quilt for many, many years, and treasures the fact that his mother lovingly made it with her own hands.
The old camera still takes a decent picture, huh?

Now I am free to get back to the sewing machine and any scrappy, crafty design I want to create!
How I wish that I didn't have to cook dinner tonight, I have some fun projects calling my name.

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