Monday, March 21, 2011

I sat on the beach

Yes, over this past weekend, I dug my toes in the sand and watched my kiddos frolic in the waves.
I definitely was not in a bathing suit, and it definitely was not 80 degrees.
It was in the 60's and windy, and I sat with a blanket wrapped around me, but I still enjoyed watching the kids play.
An Arizona kid cannot stay out of the ocean, no matter what the temperature happens to be.
I have a picture of them, the kids racing the waves up to the shore, soaked from the waist down...
but I left my camera in Los Angeles.  Good place for it, I know.


  1. Oh, Keilah, I love your blog! I'm so sorry you lost your camera, tho.

  2. Thanks! And fortunately, my camera is not lost, it is sitting at my sister's house. She will bring it when she comes to visit in a week and a half. :)

  3. ha ha. you are so funny. hopefully my drive to you will not be as long as your drive was going home!

  4. Sounds like a luscious time .. beaches should include wrapping in blankets and watching babies. :) Will be waiting to see pictures!