Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How we girls get-er-done

One morning, the girls and I spent some quality time together.
Cleaning their room.

We had way too many stuffed animals and dolls, and it was time to get rid of some.

I think we'll keep the one on the left!
No seriously...we had some great girl's time!
Because not a whole lot of cleaning was getting done.
And because for some reason my camera was on the bed beside me.

It started out well.  I nursed Loretta on the bed, and directed the girls to bring everything out of the closet and start making piles: donate, keep, and trash.

Loretta fell asleep, and since Graham was sleeping soundly already, I decided to hold her while she slept (who wants to clean, anyway? It's way more fun to hold sleeping babies).

photo credits to Aubrey
In hindsight, being in my robe probably hindered my productivity...but anyway, after seeing this picture on my camera, I noticed that there was really great lighting in their room. So we rolled with it.

Elaina makes a really great subject.

Actually, both girls are really photogenic.  And a whole lot of fun.

While Loretta slept, I snapped pictures. And we laughed at how Loretta bounced on my chest when I laughed.
It was a fun hour.

This was what the bedroom looked like when we left it that morning.

Yeah. We got a lot done!

Later that day (after I had finally gotten dressed) I went back in there alone and finished cleaning and organizing. 

I didn't mind. I prefer my photos and the fun we had to their help getting the room done.

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