Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ahhh, September

September just might be my favorite month.
The excitement and promise of a new school year, the settling down and establishment of routine, the cool mornings and evenings, and the still-gloriously-warm sunshine are a few of the reasons I'm loving this time of year.

Yes, summer was and always is wonderful..
I almost have to look through my pictures though, to remember that we did in fact have some relaxation in this form...

Did we really go camping only once this summer?!?  And did I really not get any pictures of the funnest part - swimming and kayaking in the reservoir?!?

And did I really never share other summer pictures from our fun road trip to California?!?

What is summer without at least one trip to the beach?
What is fun without some cousins to share it with?

It felt like we were really busy this summer.
But I must have been spinning circles alone, because I found these pictures...

It looks like the kids got the fun, relaxing summer that I wished for.
I wonder if they wished for an activity-packed and busy summer that I did not wish for, but certainly felt!

Either way, I am breathing in and relishing the September air, much like the way Brant and I buried our faces in the warm, crisp sheets on the clothesline this morning.

Sure, my calendar might look just as full this month as it did last, but my doors are wide open and the breeze is carrying in the sounds of the boys playing in the sunny back yard.  
And soon I know, will come the sound of the school bus dropping the kids off at the corner, followed by their feet and voices as they hurry through the front door.  

Ahhh, September.
What are you loving about this month, or about today?


  1. love the hammock pics! so cute and fun.

  2. Looks like so much fun! I want a hammock. Oh, and a trip to the beach!