Monday, September 19, 2011

Today I brew, tomorrow I bake

My house smells of cooked onion and garlic and chili.  And my freezer is filling up with meals.  

See? I'm making it super easy for Dean. He won't have to wake me up to ask me a thing!
I've got a lasagna, chili, the start to Mexican Curry, and some taco meat into the freezer in hopes that once this baby comes, I do not have to think about dinners for a little while. This afternoon I'm baking muffins and tomorrow I'm cooking and cubing chicken.  

I'm also hoping that once the freezer is full, this baby will feel free to make her grand entrance into our lives.

Clothes washed, diapers bought - not much left to do.
I mean, if I'm all ready, go ahead and make your appearance, little girl.
You know, just in case you feel like taking your mother's preference into consideration when deciding when to join us, I could go for the end of this week. I'm just saying.

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